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sugar scrub - body exfoliator

sugar scrub - body exfoliator


this rich exfoliator smooths away dead skin cells, leaving your skin healthy, soft, polished, and ready to shine. 

  • how to use

    soak your skin in warm water in a bath or under the shower to soften dead skin. gently massage sugar scrub in circular motions over chest, stomach, back, bum, and all limbs. rinse off to reveal luxurious feeling skin. 

    treat yourself with this procedure 1-2 times a week for best results. 

    make sure to let any water that got into the jar from your wet hands dry out before you close the jar to prevent mold. to help prevent water getting into the jar in the first place, you can use a spoon instead of your fingers. 

    pro tip: you can also use this sugar scrub on your hands and feet as part of an at home mani- and pedicure. 

  • ingredients

    sugar, organic coconut oil, vitamin E oil, organic fragrance

  • why it works

    sugar granules physically remove dead skin cells and dirt

    coconut oil helps skin to retain moisture and has antibacterial properties to reduce inflammation

    vitamin E oil promotes the skin’s regeneration and soothes irritation

    essential oil or fragrance oil makes your exfoliating routine extra pleasant

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