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dry shampoo - hair refresher

dry shampoo - hair refresher


a bad hair day solution you can feel good about: this aerosol free dry shampoo powder refreshes & extends hair styles without the long list of ingredients that can be harmful to you and the environment. 

  • how to use

    dust dry shampoo powder on your scalp with a large makeup brush or use the shaker this dry shampoo comes in. massage into your scalp to distribute the powder evenly. if desired, brush or comb hair.

  • ingredients

    arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, cocoa powder (for darker shade), essential oil


  • why it works

    arrowroot powder adds volume and absorbs oils

    white clay powder absorbs oils as well and draws out toxins 

    cocoa powder transforms the white powder into a darker shade

    lavender, tea tree, and mint essential oils  nourish scalp and hair with a gentle scent. Keelie's paradise fragrance oil provides a stronger scent. 

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